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NM RV Park dog park cabin rental


The name Cuervo Mountain RV Park was conceived with "family" in mind. The origins of the Anaya family go back at least 400 years. In the early 1900's my great uncle, Abel Anaya, owned several hundred acres of land in the immediate area and had over 4,000 sheep that roamed the countryside unabated by barbed wire fences all the way to what is now known as Los Alamos, New Mexico. 


My grandparents, Basilio and Miquelita Anaya, owned over 2,000 acres of grazing land to raise sheep and ultimately cattle. This property is within close proximity of it's prominent landmark, Cuervo Mountain,  and is clearly visible from the RV park. 


Our logo mimics the outline of these mountains and was designed by my sister, Jean Anaya Moya, who is a well known and accomplished artist in New Mexico.  Jean's artwork can be found all over the nation in some of the most well known historical museums. 


To further acknowledge "family", the road (Ella Dora Road) which accesses the RV park is named after my grandmother, Ella Dora Phillips.  Ella Dora was an inspiration to us all and will never be forgotten!  When the land was subdivided and registered with Santa Fe County, we affectionately named the subdivision, "The Lands of Mary Ann Anaya", after my mother who is dearly loved and taught us all the true meaning of "family".

When you arrive, we sincerely hope that you will feel completely at home, while experiencing all that Cuervo Mountain RV Park has to offer.  When you leave, we trust that you will have become part of our extended "family" and will return over and over again to say "hello".

Camping Site NM


The primary purpose of our eco-friendly RV park is to provide value-added amenities that our customers demand in combination with exceptional service. These amenities include, 54 pull-in/pull-out sites large enough for any size RV (including RV extensions); 4 of the RV sites are ADA approved for handicap visitors, propane available, water, power (20, 30 or 50 amp service), and sewer hook-ups; picnic tables; vending, WiFi, internet, solid waste dump, bar-b-q grills; dry camping; playground area; adequate landscaping for shade/wind protection and spacing; club house, and very clean bath and shower facilities.

As an added amenity, we are providing horse corals, tack rooms, dog park for small animals and a walking/exercise path around the entire 11.5 acre park in order to enjoy the fresh air and the beautiful New Mexico landscape.  There are currently over 100 indigenous trees on site and we have over 10,000 gallons of water harvesting storage in order to conserve and protect our valuable natural resources.

In the very near future, we will be adding solar panels to power our RV park.  We sincerely believe in clean energy sources and will continue to think of new and innovative ways to conserve energy, protect the environment and recycle whenever possible.

  • Pull-In/Pull-Out Spaces

  • Absolutely No Backing Up

  • Clean Bath/Shower Facilities

  • Laundry Facilities

  • Sewer, Power, Water

  • Clubhouse (Coming Soon)

  • No fees for pets! (Maximum of 2)

  • Propane Sales (Coming Soon)

  • Walking Path (Coming Soon) / Dog Park

  • Dry Camping

  • Vending (COMING SOON)

  • Playground

  • Horse Corals/Tack Rooms

  • Airbnb (On Site)

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